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A League Round 12: The season that keeps on giving

  • A League Round 12: The season that keeps on giving

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 27: Bruce Kamau of Melbourne City controls the ball during the round 12 A-League match between Melbourne City and Perth Glory at AAMI Park on December 27, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)

When Brendan Santalab scored last week, the commentary team said "Santa delivers at Christmas time". It's just a shame he's been suspended, won't be a Happy New Year for Santalab by the looks of it.
Nevertheless, we still have so much action to look at before the end of the year. This last round concluded just yesterday with Victory dominating Central Coast 4-1, and the next round starts tomorrow night with Melbourne City vs Brisbane Roar. 


Highly contentious, supercharged, non stop action and more drama than a soap opera.
These seem to be recurring themes for Melbourne City's games this year, and this match with Perth Glory was no different. 
It was hectic, 90 minutes of end to end stuff. The night was perfectly summed up by a penalty miss from Fornaroli that ended up being a goal for Perth merely 20 seconds later. 

The match was soured by a red card to both sides, but the game wouldn't be done there. City had a chance to win at the death, but their penalty was saved by Liam Reddy. City missed 2/3 penalties in a game that ended 3-3, a sight that I don't think any of us would have imagined. Stunning stuff.

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If there are enough goals in a round again, I might start using a 3-2-1 ranking for goals. This week was really tough, once again there were a range of good goals that make it hard to choose just one winner. 

I can't award them all, but special mentions go out to Andrew Nabbout, Chris Harold, Trent Buhagiar and Bruno Fornaroli. They all had some stunning goals that caught my eye over the weekend. I cannot get enough of the quality of our strikers and our goals at the moment.

That being said, I'm going to go with Corey Brown's effort against Western Sydney. There were some real great goals, but the way he executed the volley was something incredible, you can see it's a split second decision that comes off amazingly. Watch and judge for yourself. 

Skip to 42 seconds to see the goal.


Kerem Bulut takes out this week's award. It was announced this week that he and Western Sydney have mutually terminated his contract, with rumoured interest from Asia. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about harbouring our talent for as long as we can and trying to develop the next generation. But this guy has one of the worst attitudes I've seen, it's probably better that he either sorts himself out or plays elsewhere. Don't particularly have much patience for players like him. Plus his goal conversion rate is something awful for a striker.


Round 12 of A League provided us with a season high goals in a round with 21 goals across 5 games. Unfortunately Berisha couldn't overtake Archie Thompson's all time record against Central Coast, his goal was ultimately an own goal. 

In the meantime, Fornaroli scored his 9th goal of the year and has caught up to Berisha in the race for the golden boot, while Rojas trails behind with 8. Andy Keogh, Alex Brosque and Roy Krishna all sit equal third with 7 goals. I think it'll be a tight race to the end to see who comes out on top. 


Both parts mushed into one this week. It surrounds one particular incident that gets my goat. 

The red cards incident between Perth Glory and Melbourne City. The referee awarded Melbourne City a penalty very late in the game before handing out red cards to both Dino Djulbic and Fernando Brandán

On review, Brandán instigated the trouble when he clattered into the back of the big centre back. Djulbic landed on Brandán, which the City striker took exception to. He thrust his boot out toward Djulbic, before going to ground holding his face. Dino lunged out with his knee and the referee decided it was enough. 

The bad part in all this? How on earth Djulbic was given a 3 week suspension, while Brandán was only given two? The way I see it, both players are at fault. Brandan for instigating, Djulbic for reacting. Both were completely unnecessary, and if no one instigated then no one would've reacted, red cards are avoided and the match doesn't end messy. 

As it stands, Brandan accepted his 2 game ban while Djulbic is challenging his 3 match suspension. Only time will tell how it turns out. 

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