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Mundine vs Green II: How it went down

  • Mundine vs Green II: How it went down

    ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 03: Australian boxers Anthony Mundine and Danny Green fight during their cruiserweight bout at Adelaide Oval on February 3, 2017 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Morne de Klerk/Getty Images)

Ah, Australia had an abundance of sporting events to choose from last night, it was a smorgasbord for every sports fanatic. The very first AFL Women's match had a crowd of 24,000+ , the A League had league leaders Sydney FC facing Brisbane Roar in a "State of Origin" clash. 

However, the event that had Australia captivated was quite easily the rematch between boxing rivals "The Green Machine" Danny Green, and Anthony "The Man" Mundine. Whether you liked these guys or not, it's hard to deny that you weren't interested in the result at the very least. 

Here's my take on the proceedings.

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It's doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that these guys never got along well. Mundine is out there on his own, he's a walking controversial headline just waiting to happen. 
Prior to the fight, Mundine took a stand (well, not literally) by refusing to stand the national anthem, claiming it wasn't representative of indigenous people. Whether he did or not remains unconfirmed, as both fighters remained in their locker rooms during the anthem. Green seemed content to go about his business and leave Mundine to his opinions. 

How it went down 

From the outset I had a feeling the fight might not live up to expectations. Early in the first round, Mundine threw a cheap shot while the referee was trying to separate the fighters, and it rocked Green big time. If Mundine had been disqualified, there would have been no debates or qualms about the fight ending prematurely. Instead, Mundine was deducted a point and the bout continued.  

For the most part, I saw Green trying to work Mundine and break him down. Mundine took his usual defensive style counterpunching, using experience to delay the fight and tie up Green. It did take Mundine a while to settle into a rhythm, as he asserted himself a lot more in the second half of the fight, making it harder for Green to find his rhythm and control the fight. A few heavy shots by Mundine were somewhat effective but he couldn't put the finishing touches on Green, and vice versa. Green was also deducted a point for an elbow, which didn't help the debate of who won.

Their respective styles go to show the kind of attitudes they bring to the ring, Green was here for a fight, Mundine here for a win. Neither of these fighters were going away without bringing everything they had. Some say it was a close fight, others had clear winners by 2 or 3 rounds. Nobody can agree on who won, as I found out by getting some criticism on a comment I made on Facebook.

Whatever the case, the judges scored the bout 94-94, 96-94, and (astonishingly) 98-90 in favour of the Green Machine. Sure, I reckon ol' Danny boy won, but A) Which judge awarded Greeny 96? They must've clearly missed the point deduction. B) There is no way in hell that Green won 8 rounds out of 10.


Mundine suggested he was robbed, Danny Green felt that the fight was under his control. Neither of them will concede defeat to the other, though Green did acknowledge his opponent and showed the utmost respect for Mundine immediately after the fight. 

Pundits, sports personalities and fans were divided. All you have to do is google the fight and you'll find articles going one way or another. Some people suggesting the result had been decided before the fight even began. 

Grade: C+

Whoever spent the money to get the card, I reckon you were swindled out of your money, but kudos to that legend who generously streamed the fight on Facebook for the masses. 

The fight itself was not spectacular. The cheap shot set a bit of an ugly tone for the fight, and neither fighter really impressed enough to be a clear winner. Despite some nice shots both ways, both boys showed their ages a bit more. 

That, along with Quade Cooper's awful mismatch of a fight against Jack McInnes, I wasn't impressed at all. When Cooper was hitting punches directly through McInnes' guard, who is supposedly a 50+ fight kick boxer, it's time for another think about a fighting career. Have a look, decide for yourself. 

Like Jack McInnes, I'm out.

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