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A League Round 19: Victory slip, Sydney premiers?

  • A League Round 19: Victory slip, Sydney premiers?

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 09: Milos Ninkovic of Sydney FC celebrates with team mates after scoring a goal during the round 19 A-League match between Sydney FC and the Wellington Phoenix at Allianz Stadium on February 9, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Alas, another round of A League football that Sydney FC haven't lost. As a neutral, it's fantastic to witness what could be the first invincible team in A League history. Should they take out the championship as well, this Sydney team will cement their legacy in a record breaking season.
As a Melbourne Victory fan, I'm just hoping they lose one match. Just one, during the finals, I'd really love to see them knocked out, that'd be fan-freakin'-tastic.

Regardless of how I feel about our current league leaders, let's check out what happened this past weekend in the A League. 


Somehow, and by somehow I mean by some miracle, Melbourne City pulled off the unthinkable and managed a 2-2 draw with Brisbane Roar at AAMI Park.
Games that end with a 2-2 scoreline usually have an enthralling story to go with it, as both sides push for a last minute winner at any cost. This game, however, required City to dip deep into their reserves on the back of a whopping 7 suspended players, courtesy of last week's derby.
I think it's safe to say we all wrote City off and gave it to the Roar well before they set foot on the park. Maybe it was due to Brisbane's midweek Champions League victory over Carlos Tevez' Shanghai that caused a bit of fatigue. Whatever the case, 2-2 with a handful of teenagers is a pretty solid effort. Not bad from City either.

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For weeks now, I've admired the striking talent that is spread across the league. Roy O'Donovan has been a stand out for me this season, keeping up pace with the top goal scorers this season despite Central Coast languishing towards the bottom of the table for the earlier part of the season. 

This week, the Mariners secured their third consecutive win, putting themselves right back into finals contention with O'Donovan nabbing himself a brace as well. His 10th goal of the season was creative as it was daring, but a looping shot over the goalkeeper can always go either way. Judge for yourself, I was pretty impressed.



This one is an unusual choice but it's a highlight that will no doubt make us all start to feel even a little bit old. 

The first player to be born in the millennial age bracket played for Melbourne City this week, he's only 16. Excuse me, I suddenly feel the need to go get my eyesight checked. (No joke there, I actually had an eye test this week)


I've said it a few times already this season with these guys, but when Perth Glory win, they look great. When Perth Glory lose, they look awful, there's just no middle ground. This week they smacked Adelaide for 5 goals while also keeping a clean sheet. Diego Castro, Adam Taggart and Andy Keogh all got themselves on the scoresheet, these three pose equal threats as individuals as well as an attacking trio. They're only 2 points behind 3rd spot, and will be looking for a late season surge to put themselves as high as they can heading into the finals. 


None of us are huge fans of the FFA, that much is obvious. In recent weeks the so called "governing body" had a not so secret meeting with FIFA, delayed the reform of the W League and have withheld the requirements for the expansion bids, as well as a big back and forth about relinquishing ownership of the A League to the clubs. 

I can't take it. Every week, another headline comes out and makes them look more foolish with every decision they make. Hell, they make FIFA look good, and FIFA recently voted for a 48 team World Cup to the dismay of fans worldwide. 

We need a governing body that is decisive. We need a governing body that is for the good of the game. Developing grassroots, giving the women a fair deal, expanding the competition, reaching further into the country. I'm so tired of the FFA's decisions all influenced by money. While income and revenue are important, sometimes we need to dig deep before we can reap the rewards of any risks. 

It seems the FFA are perfectly happy in their secure little hole, only interested in making the most money off the A League as they can by overselling Tim Cahill's City and the Sydney derby every year, despite Western Sydney being dead weight this season. 

What needs a reform is the FFA. Victory CEO Anthony Di Pietro is a man I would love to see in charge, biases aside. He's well aware of what the game needs, he knows there are negatives that plague the league. He takes everything into account and holds no punches. Whether or not he'd leave the Victory is another story, but some fresh faces are needed regardless of who takes the top job.

We're heading into a new stage in Australian football. New clubs are coming, new players, new fan bases. We're on the verge of a monumental shift in this country, and with the current personnel in charge I feel we're set to be stale and stagnant until someone decides enough is enough.

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